Tuesday, October 27, 2015

summative particle behaviour

-How clothes dry at room temperature?
because the water drips of the shirt and room temperature gives the particles enough energy to drip off the shirt and get the shirt to be dry.

-How liquid boils at a lower temperature when at a heir altitude
because of the density of the air at a lower altitude the air is more dense and the vapor needs more energy to go into the air because there is no space, at a higher altitude the air is less dense so the vapor needs less energy because there is more space for the vapor.
here the picture shows the particles represented by the vapor and his nose it shows how the particles are going into his nose by getting sucked up
-why can we smell things around corners
because when  we smell something we are sucking in small particles of the object so if you smell a doughnut you are smelling doughnut particles and your nose acts like a vacum that is sucking in the particles so if you breathe in and there are particles around a corner you are making them go around the cornier by pulling them into your nose

-how are drops made
drops are made because water molecules have the same density of solid but the difference what makes them liquid is that the molecules are constantly moving when drops are made the liquid drips down and when gravity acts a liquid part detaches from the big part in a drop form extending towards the ground until it detaches totally from the big amount of water.
 here the drop is detaching from the bigger part of water because of gravity and it is still extending towards the ground.

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