Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Carts and ramps Kinetic energy and velocity

Kinetic energy means movement energy so if I have a lot of kinetic energy I have a lot of movement energy moving me, the more it is, the harder it moves the faster you go if you have a lot of kinetic energy your velocity is greater. I learned that I kinetic energy and speed work together in a way because without kinetic energy there can not be speed and that kinetic energy can come from gravitational mechanical chemical all sorts of energies. 

The velocity is increasing at a constant rate 
while the cart is going down the ramp
 but once it has reached the maximum
seed and it already has come
 down from the ramp the speed starts
 descending because of the friction
 and eventually coming to a complete stop


At the  start the kinetic energy 
does not have much this is because it is just
gaining the energy and it is barely moving
then it starts increasing because the inclination
of the ramp is making it have more
kinetic energy more force,
them it reaches the highest point of kinetic
energy and it starts decreasing because it
no longer has the ramp giving
it the kinetic energy it needs.
The kinetic energy gets transformed into sound
energy and heat energy of the tires.


Both graphs look like this because it start slow and starts increasing then when it reaches max speed and or max kinetic energy the ramp can give it starts descending because of the friction of the wheels.

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  1. Great work. Very thorough. In the summative, compare the graphs like this and mention that we can see kinetic energy is proportional to velocity.