Monday, February 1, 2016


Copper is not magnetic and we use it because we can start it and stop it by applying a electric current if we were to use a iron we could use it and have no need to create a magnetic field around it because it is already magnetic but once we start it we could never stop. The motors we made are built using a battery a neo demian magnet and a copper wire, the motor work because when you put together the circuit the copper wire gets magnetised and if you have it just right a perfect balance between touching the magnet and not getting a lot of friction the motor will start going because the magnet is pushing the copper wire forward every time it has the chance to this makes it spin.


Pre activity:
During the pre activity i noticed that once I had a complete circuit and I waved the cable on top of the compass the compass started pointing with the cable I thought this was weird and I wanted to see if the battery worked as well so I tried it and it worked.
I think this is because the battery acts like a magnet because it has a north + and a south -
and when you connect the wire the battery passes all of the magnetic properties to the wire.

Main Activity: 
During the main activity I learned a big thing about magnets it is that they are reactive to to electricity so it is not that the battery is a magnet is that the magnet is responsive to electricity. When you make a circuit the wire gets a magnetic field and that can  magnetise the nail. When I wrapped the nail 10 times it did not pick up a single paper clip and the same for 15 wraps and 20 wraps until I finally got it to pick up a paper clip after wrapping it 30 times.

Rube Goldberg Machine (If the Videos don't work open them in youtube)

Friday, November 13, 2015

making molecules sumative

The molecule that I am making is vitamin c the formula for vitamin c is C6H8O6, some animals can create this molecule but humans have to get it from food. Vitamin c is useful for a number of things, one of them is iron absorption, taking vitamin c along with iron can increase how much iron the body absorbs, another thing that vitamin c is used for is improving a genetic disorder in newborn baby's called tyrisinemia taking vitamin c helps with the genetic disorder by lowering the levels of amino acid tyrosine.

Learning about molecules is important because molecules make every thing around us and if we know about them we can use that knowledge for medicine technology and many other things.For example in medicine we need to know what molecules are used to make medications and how reactive they are, if you know the structure of the molecule you can see what are their properties and how it can help improve medication. another example could be technology this is because using the things we know about molecules we can make technology better and faster by understanding the properties of each molecule.